It’s 2021! Scheduling meetings shouldn’t take more than a second

No email ping pong. No switching back and forth to your Calendar. No manual work. Let AI (powered by do the work for you so that you can stay in the zone.

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Fastest way to find times to meet right from your email

Scheduling done right. Right from your email app

Coordinating a time to meet often ends up in an email ping-pong. Share times or send a private link for your guests to choose.

Or just tell Scheduler (powered by to send time options and follow up to ensure the meeting gets scheduled.

Try Newton to build a space age scheduler

Try Newton for free

Scheduling a group meeting? Solved

Stop manually comparing calendars with your guests. Share what times work for you.

Your guests will click on the link, choose the times they are free, and then the invite will be sent out once all guests have added their availability.

Protect your most valuable asset. Your time.

With meeting templates, gives you as much control you want over your time. You can set limits for meeting hours, maximum meetings per day, and breather time between meetings and much more.

Instantly see what’s next and join your meeting with one keystroke

It shouldnt be so hard to see what’s next and Instantly launch into your next call with one click or a keystroke.

Integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more